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Competition is key word which guides the performance of Aerospace industry. We can provide cost reduction methods by using appropriate tools to produce high quality & precise tolerance in Aerospace components made from Titatanium,High Resistant Super Alloys & CFRP.

We offer the most comprehensive range of metal cutting tools for metal and composite materials -  tungsten carbide grade with diamond coating, and over the years, we have been developing innovative solutions for machining aerospace components.



Challenging opportunities in Automobile field make the industry highly competitive and forces to launch new model with new technology. Our role in your competitive situation is to synergize our technical cutting tool knowledge with your team of experts in front line of competition.

We develop processes for more efficient cycle times, provide the tools & optimize the effective tooling cost. To integrate this we provide technical turnkey solutions for machining competence, product inspection, washing and surface treatments

Our high-tech tools backed by our automotive industry expertise provide the machining solutions for complete machining and to drive fuel efficiencies. We also develop processes for more efficient cycle times, determine the tools and the number of effective cutting edges for those cycle times.




Our requirement & Clean Energy utilization has to be evolved through innovative technologies.

We understand what it takes to machine the super alloys used in turbine and compressor components for the wind, steam, oil and gas power industries. We deliver maximum productivity ensuring tight tolerances, superior surface finish and consistency, a pre-requisite in this industry.



Growth of railway infrastructure is one of the most significant factors in the economic success of a region. And with rapid globalization and population growth, transportation of people and goods are on the rise.

The railway industry is undergoing a transformation towards high-speed solutions with the highest safety standards and reliability. This is where we deliver cost-effective complete solutions for all machining requirements in the railway infrastructure industry.




We offer special solutions not just in the aerospace, automotive, energy and railway industries but are also continuously developing cost-effective special solutions in general engineering, mould making, tube machining, pump industry, and medical industry.

We are the perfect technology partner for advanced & modern material machining, where  there is a need for exceptional machining requirements, we provide exceptional machining solutions.

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